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Environment Day is celebrated across the globe on 5th June of every year and is the United Nation's principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. WED has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. Each year, WED has a new theme that major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments and celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes.

The theme for 2018 is "Beat Plastic Pollution". The host nation is India. The theme for the World Environment Day 2018, "Beat Plastic Pollution". By choosing this Theme, it is aimed that people may strive to changes in their everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution. People should be free from the over-reliance on single-use or disposables, as they have severe environmental consequences. We should liberate our natural places, our wildlife - and our own health from plastics.

Karot Power Company Pvt Ltd is committed towards environmental protection and conservation to its project area. Therefore, World Environment Day was celebrated at 720MW Karot Hydropower Project site with cooperation of its Employer Engineer (SSS JV) and EPC Contractor (TGDC) on Tuesday, 5th June 2018.

Different departments of KPCL, SSS JV and TGDC participated in the celebrations of World Environment Day. The activities included a detailed informative presentation on the background, introduction, purpose, statistics, causes, impacts and remedial actions for beating the plastic pollution. After that an Awareness Raising Walk on “Beat the Plastic Pollution” was conducted in the Main Construction Camp of Karot Hydropower Project. Banners and informative stickers were used to advocate the cause.


Rehabilitation and improvement of basic health unit (BHU) at Hollar (AJ&K)

Under CIP  rehabilitated facility of   BHU in Hollar village was  handed over to the Health Department of AJK. Handing over ceremony was held on 26 June 2018 at KPCL office which was attended by the District Health Officer Kotali.  Rehabilitation  and improvement work started in March and completed on 31 May 2018. 


Notice for Contractor for Construction of Rest House at Beor - 720MW HPP

Karot Power Company (Pvt.) Limited (KPCL). is in the process of implementation of Community Investment Plan (CIP) in project area for the social uplift of the community in and around the Karot Project. We need the qualified contractor for construction of one (1) rest house at Beor village Tehsil Kahuta District Rawalpindi.

Eligibility of Qualification Requirements

1. Must be registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) valid up to 2018

2. Detailed list of similar works completed during the last five (05) years.

3. List of staff with the firm / company.

Scope of work for Contractor

Tentative scope of work is as under;

Construction of one (1) rest house as per given scope
Construction of  Boundary wall around the rest house
Development of Water supply system with water source
Development of power supply system
Development of surface drainage system and under- ground drainage system
Landscaping and beautification of lawns with grass and plants

The interested qualified contractor can submit their company profile at the following address by TCS. The last date for submission is 10 August 2018. KPCL will consider inviting those contractors who submit their company profile for participation in the bidding process.


Environment Social & Safety Department

Karot Power Company (Pvt.) Limited

Office at Main Camp (Mehfooz Camp) Karot, tehsil Kahuta, district Rawalpindi.


Note: Please feel free to contact for any query or clarification


1. Mr. Abdul Hafeez (0316 4889897)

    Email: abdul_hafeez@ctgsail.com


2. Mr. Liang Tuo (0346 8591332)

    Email: liang_tuo@ctgsail.com

Note: This notice is neither an agreement nor an offer by the KPCL to the prospective contractors or any other person. The purpose of this notice is to provide information to the interested parties that may be useful to them in the submission of their company profile to this notice.


National Day Celebration of People's Republic of China at Karot HPP site

National Day, holiday celebrated on October 1 to mark the formation of the People’s Republic of China. The holiday is also celebrated by China’s two special administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macau. Traditionally, the festivities begin with the ceremonial raising of the Chinese national flag in Tiananmen Square in the capital city of Beijing. The flag ceremony is followed first by a large parade exhibiting the country’s military forces and then by state dinners and, finally, fireworks displays, which conclude the evening celebrations. In 1999 the Chinese government expanded the celebrations by several days to give its citizens a seven-day vacation period similar to the Golden Week holiday in Japan. Often, the Chinese use this time to stay with relatives and to travel. Visiting amusement parks and watching special television programs centered on the holiday are also popular activities.

On Oct. 1, 1949, Mao Zedong, the leader of the Red Army (communist forces), officially declared the formation of the People’s Republic of China before a crowd of 300,000 in Tiananmen Square while waving the newly created Chinese flag. The declaration followed a civil war in which communist forces emerged victorious over the Nationalist government. On Dec. 2, 1949, at a meeting of the Central People’s Government Council, the declaration formally adopt October 1 as National Day was ratified by the First National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

In KPCL, being a mixed coordination of Chinese and Pakistani to citizens, a small event regarding China’s National Day was organized by Admin Department on 5th October 2018 for showcasing the unity and solidarity for the brotherly nation. Ms.Urooj Hayat coordinated the whole event dedicatedly. All Chinese colleagues and Pakistani colleagues joined together to mark the day with salutations.


Celebration of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year 2018)

Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. This year, district administration Rawalpindi (Punjab) decided to celebrate the Spring Festival with Chinese Management and Staff at Karot Power Project (Pvt) Limited. A delegation headed by Mr. Talat Mehmood Gondal,  Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi visited the Karot project on 15 February 2018. Mr. Israr Ahmed Khan Abbsi, Capital Police Officer Rawalpindi and Mr. Ansar Abbas, Assistant Commissioner Tehsil Kahuta and other officers were also accompanied the delegation. The Deputy Commissioner and CPO presented the flowers to Mr. Lu Dongsheng, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Karot Power Company (Pvt) Limited. The delegation also distributed sweet among the Chinese staff. They expressed that we as Pakistani very much thankful to Chinese government and Chinese working in Pakistan as partner in the development of Pakistan. They assured their full cooperation with Chinese Management and security of Chinese staff at Karot Project. They also visited the Karot construction camp and met Chinese staff to wish the Spring Festival. Mr. Lu Dongsheng thanked the DC Rawalpindi and delegation members for the gesture of best wishes.


Chief Secretary (AJ&K) Visited Karot Hydropower Project

A delegation headed by the Mian Waaheed ud Din, the Chief Secretary (AJ&K) visited the Karot project on 11 July 2018. The Chief Secretary visited the Main camp and project site as well. Mr. Lu Dongsheng the Chief Executive Officer KPCL welcome the honorable guests and KPCL team gave the presentation about project progress and CSR activities for the social uplift of local community. The Chief Secretary appreciated the project progress and KPCL efforts towards the social uplift of the local community through the implementation of Community Investment Plan. Further, he said that KPCL may consult and involve the district administration as well as community to the select of activities for implementation under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He also urged to maintain international safety standards. Mr. Lu Dongsheng,the CEO KPCL assured the honorable chief secretary that KPCL is committed to fulfill the obligations towards the social uplift of the local community and to maintain safety standards. Mr. Fayyaz Ali Abbasi, SMBR (AJ&K), Syed Naveed Zafar Gillani, DG PPC (AJ&K), Mr. Muhammad Tayyab, Commissioner Mir Pur Division, Mr. abdul Hameed Kaini, DC Kotli and Raja Tariq Mehmood Khan, AC Sehnsa were also accompanying the Visit.

Financial Close of 720MW Karot Hydro Power Project

The 720MW Karot hydropower project has successfully achieved  financial close one of the biggest milestone on 22nd February 2017.While ceremony of Financial close was held in local hotel in Islamabad ,Pakistan on 8th March ,2017.



Construction of 720MW Karot Hydropower Project is on full swing now-a-days. The “Notice to Proceed” was awarded to EPC Contractor on 1st December 2016 and financial close of the project was achieved on 22nd February 2017 since then several milestones have also been achieved successfully amongst which “River Closure” being the major one. Karot Power Company Private Limited has achieved this target meeting the timelines of the project and is committed towards development of this master piece on time. River Closure is termed as a major milestone of any hydropower project in which the mainstream river is diverted through tunnels so that construction of dam could take place. Hence, river closure marks the benchmark for initiation of dam works and is thus celebrated hugely by the project staff. 

To celebrate this auspicious moment, a staggering event was organized on 22nd September 2018 in Karot Hydropower Project site inviting Federal Minister for Power, Mr.Omar Ayub Khan as Chief Guest, Leader of the House for Senate of Pakistan, Mr.Shibli Faraz, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr.Yao Jing and Vice President of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) Mr. Fan Xia Xia participated as distinguished guests of the event. The other honorable guests included, Chairman China Three Gorges International (CTGI), Mr.Wang Yu, Managing Director, Private Power Infrastructure Board (PPIB), Mr.Shah Jahan Mirza, Chief Executive Officer CSAIL, Mr.Qin Guobin, Team Leader KPCL, Mr.Yan Xinde, Chief Executive Officer KPCL, Mr Lu Dongsheng, Mr.Adil Marghub from IFC, relevant government and associated private institutions representatives. 

The ceremony progressed with introduction and welcome of distinguished guests.  Mr Wang Yu, Chairman of CTGI briefed about the project and achievement of River Closure works after which all the guests were envisaged to the river closure site where formally Mr.Fan Xia Xia, Vice President of CTG gave go-ahead to start the river closure work. All the guests witnessed the river closure works and applauded on this great achievement. Followed by this, speeches were delivered by Mr.Shah Jahan Mirza Managing Director, PPIB, Mr.Fan Xia Xia, Vice President CTG, Mr Yao Jing, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, and at the end by Mr.Omar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister for Power, Government of Pakistan.

Tree plantation activity was carried out at the end of the event by honorable guests in order to mark the event, showcase eco development and beginning the new era of success.

Karot Hydropower Project being the pioneer hydropower project of China Three Gorges South Asian Investment Ltd (CSAIL) in Pakistan and is one of the Prioritized Projects/Early Harvest Projects (EHP) by the Joint Cooperation Committee of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) holds vital importance towards the development and combating energy crises of Pakistan. It is first amongst the four cascade hydropower projects designed on Jhelum River upstream Mangla Dam and will distribute electricity to the national grid.  The importance of this project has also been acknowledged by both the leadership of Pakistan and China.

Talking about this great achievement, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr.Yao Jing congratulated the company and emphasized on the relations between Pakistan and China. He assured cooperation for development in Pakistan and also look forward for future endeavors.

Mr.Omar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister for Power also expressed his compliments for this milestone. He narrated history of Pak-China relations that started back in 1950’s and consider it as deep rooted and long term. He also foresees that more job opportunities will be created in due course through Chinese investment in Pakistan. At the end he encouraged the hard work performed by the project workers and staff to make this development exist.

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