• Vision:
    Uphold Three Gorges Spirit, Create Overseas Classics
  • Mission:
    Build Overseas Quality Project, Foster Grand Image
    for Pak-China Energy Cooperation


Karot Power Company (Pvt.) Limited (KPCL) incorporated on 31 July 2010 with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) responsible for executing 720MW Karot Hydropower Project. The project is being developed in the Private sector under the Power Policy 2002 on a Build-Own-Operate Transfer (BOOT) basis with an expected concession period of approximately 35 years, which includes the construction period of 5 years and the operation period of 30 years. The feasibility stage tariff has been determined by NEPRA on 11th December 2012 and the Letter of Support (‘’ LOS’’) has been issued subsequently by PPIB on 29th August, 2013. The Main Sponsor of Karot hydropower Project is China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited, which is an investment arm of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) in South Asia. Known as the owner of reputable Three Gorges Project, CTG is a wholly state-owned enterprise with registered capital of USD 18.3 billion and strategically positioned to become a clean energy conglomerate specializing in large-scaled hydropower plant development and operations.

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