• Vision:
    Uphold Three Gorges Spirit, Create Overseas Classics
  • Mission:
    Build Overseas Quality Project, Foster Grand Image
    for Pak-China Energy Cooperation

Benefits of Karot Power

The Karot Hydropower Project: Powering a Better Future for the Region and its People

The Project gives the region the opportunity to generate its own electricity from a clean natural source. The Karot Hydropower Project is critical to the region's future. “Energy powers many aspects of human life, from light bulbs to refrigerators, cell phones to computers, and homes to hospitals. It affects all aspects of development - social, economic and environmental - including livelihoods, access to water, agricultural productivity, health, population levels, education, and gender related issues. Without access to modern energy, countries are unable to sustain economic growth. This region has been waiting for a long time for hydropower. Now is the time to make this energy a reality.

Supporting Economic Growth

The Karot Hydropower Project is one of the largest foreign investment and infrastructure projects in Pakistan. This project has been chartered in Pak China Economic Corridor Priority Projects List. This project shall build the foreign investors’ confidence in Pakistan’s power sector and shall encourage and bring in more foreign investment into the region and the country. It has the potential to support region's dire needs of electricity to run local manufacturing as well as production oriented industries, while ensuring sufficient power supply to local commercial activities the project during its progress time period will boost local materials purchase such as steel structures, cement and crush related building materials to push the economic circle of the local industry forward towards enhanced production, supply and growth, hence creating more opportunities for employment in the local industry, the project shall also boost the demand for local services industry which will further enhance the local economic activities on a broad scale. 

Abundant, Reliable Electricity Supply

At the time of 2012-13, Electricity offer per capita experienced some sort of diminishing from 0.64% to 3% respectively. Pakistan’s daily energy demand is around 22,000 MW but unfortunately it is able to produce and maintain only 16,000 MW. Therefore, there is a shortfall of approximately 6000 MW on a daily basis during peak season. That shortfall is responsible for the economic destabilization of Pakistan. The Karot Hydropower Project will help to improve the dependability of the energy supply in the region by providing up to 3436 GWH of electricity per annum.

Affordable Electricity

Pakistan’s energy demand is fulfilled by a mixture of gas, fat, Methane, fossil fuel and LPG by using a unique amount of stocks. The amount resources used for power production are as follows: Usage of Gas is 43. 7 %, fat is 29. 0 %, fossil fuel is 10. 4 % and LPG is 1. 5%. All these energy generation methods are costly, with Karot Hydropower Project; electricity will be generated at lower costs in comparison with above mentioned power generation technologies. In today’s age when Wind and Solar power generation technologies are still unable to produce cost effective energy, hydro power is still the most cost effective and suitable power generation technology available. Power generation costs will be reduced and ultimately, consumers will benefit from this lower cost and more affordable electricity. Affordable and reliable electricity will support businesses, encourage jobs, and spur economic development.


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