• Vision:
    Uphold Three Gorges Spirit, Create Overseas Classics
  • Mission:
    Build Overseas Quality Project, Foster Grand Image
    for Pak-China Energy Cooperation

Management Team

 CEO Mr. Lu Dongsheng

 Mr. Lu Dongsheng has vast experience in contract management,Land acquisition matters and development of hydropower projects, he is acting as the CEO of this company. Mr. Lu Dongsheng is in charge of all the development matters of this project.


 Contract and Legal Department

 The Department is responsible and plays a central role in contributing to commercial activities and day-to-day contract management, which includes Draft Agreements, their Review and Finalization such as RFP, PQD, Concession Agreements and Documents of Technical and Contractual nature. The department is also providing assistance in the communication with the national and local governments, public and private utilities, developers, contractors and consultants.


 Administration Department

 The department effectively carries out day-to-day activities related to administration & HR within KPCL.

Ms.Liu Tong is responsible for administrative and human resource matters in KPCL. He has extensive experience of administration and general management obtained during his work time period at Mangla Dam Project in Pakistan.


 Fund and Finance Department

The department is fully responsible for handling transactions, book keeping, financial statements and their analysis, Investment Analysis, tax planning and matters related to various types of insurances etc.


Land Acquisition & Resettlement department

The department is fully responsible for the implementation of the activities associated with land acquisition and resettlement and aimed at providing adequate compensation for loss of assets to affected people and improving or restoring the livelihoods and standards of living of displaced persons. The department carries out meaningful consultation and communication with governmental authorities and relevant stakeholders for acquisition of the land, compensation to the affected people, relocation of displaced persons and restoration of their living conditions. 


 Engineering Management Department

The department plays a vital role for conferring with management to discuss matters related to project specifications, procedures, modalities and making detailed plans to accomplish goals and directing the integration of technical activities. The department also develops and implements policies, standards and procedures for the engineering and technical work to be undertaken for the project.



Environment, Social and Safety Department

Under the institutional arrangements within the KPCL, an Environment, Social and Safety Department (ESSD) is established in line with the policies, plans and procedures described in the CSAIL’s Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS). ESSD is responsible for compliance monitoring, implementation of Environmental & Social Management Plan (ESMP) in conformance with applicable laws and regulations of the Punjab and AJK Environmental Protection Agencies, as well as the CSAIL’s ESMS, Good International Industry Practices, IFC Performance Standards and Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines.   


  Tendering Department

 Tendering department is responsible for the whole EPC bidding process, this department is based in China Three Gorges Head Quarters in Beijing. The department is mainly in charge of application for approval from investment committee of China Three Gorges Corporation for investing into this project. 

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