• Vision:
    Uphold Three Gorges Spirit, Create Overseas Classics
  • Mission:
    Build Overseas Quality Project, Foster Grand Image
    for Pak-China Energy Cooperation

Project Progress

Karot Hydropower Project is progressing as per schedule along with full support of PPIB, Government of Pakistan, Provincial Government of AJ&K, Provincial Government of Punjab, WAPDA, Lenders, Partners, and other stakeholders, which has shown our ability in finance management and technology to lead and execute the hydropower projects in private sector development of Pakistan. Major milestones achieved to date are as followed:

After the award of the Letter of Interest (LOI) by PPIB, a Consortium of Consultants led by M/s SMEC International (Pty) Ltd., Australia was appointed by the sponsors for carrying out the feasibility studies and preparation of a bankable Feasibility Report, which has been approved by PPIB on 13th October 2009. After the approval of feasibility study, TGSAIL started conducting the additional site investigation and exploration since May, 2012 and finished the site work on diversion system in February, 2013, which indicates that the technical scheme suggested by SMEC in the original feasibility study is technically unfeasible. Thus, TGAIL has to review and update the feasibility study according to the Chinese Standards and Codes. The related work has been started since March, 2013.

KPCL has filed the Tier-1 tariff petition with NEPRA upon the approval of the feasibility stage as per the Power Policy 2002, NEPRA determined the feasibility stage tariff on 29th May, 2012 and then notified the revised feasibility stage tariff determination on 11th, December, 2012. The Generation License has been issued by NEPRA on November 26th, 2013.The Performance Guarantee has been submitted by the Project Company in July 2013 and the Letter of Support has been issued by PPIB on 29th August, 2013. The Project Company is driving itself towards accomplishing various obligations/tasks stipulated in the Letter of Support to achieve the Financial Close in advance. It shall be noted that the EPC tendering will be launched soon.

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