• Vision:
    Uphold Three Gorges Spirit, Create Overseas Classics
  • Mission:
    Build Overseas Quality Project, Foster Grand Image
    for Pak-China Energy Cooperation


 CEO Mr. Lu Dongsheng

 Mr. Lu Dongsheng has vast experience in contract management,Land acquisition matters and development of hydropower projects, he is acting as the CEO of this company. Mr. Lu Dongsheng is in charge of all the development matters of this project.

 Contract and Legal Department

  1. Contract and legal department oversees all legal and external affairs including litigation, compliance, acquisitions and contract matters.

  2. Responsible for contracts administration and management which includes Concession Agreements, EPCC, Loan Agreements.

  3. Administers contracts in line with FIDIC and PEC guidelines while ensuring best practices are followed.

  4. Maintains risk registers of project to ensure the   anticipated/   known risks are mitigated.

  5. Maintains effective communication with Governmental departments and other project stakeholders.

Administration Department

  1. Develop, implement and monitor an effective office management strategy in order to support other business functions organization wide.

  2. Develop, implement and control an effective and efficient administrative procedure including, house-keeping, fleet management, logistics management, Asset management, mess, and documentation management in order to provide an enjoyable and comfortable working and living space to employees.

  3. Ensure Security arrangement at project site and during travelling of foreigner staff, monitoring teams and visitors in coordination with security agencies to avoid any potential risks.

  4. Act as a link between KPCL and China Three Gorges (CTG), China Three Gorges International (CTGI) and China South Asia Investment Limited (CSAIL) headquarter to ensure timely reporting of project activities.

Human Resources Department

  1. Provides the organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing company's most valuable resources -- its employees.

  2. Pro-actively determine and deliver relevant and impactful HR solutions to business challenges in collaboration with management as a strategic contributor to the business success.

  3. Provide impactful HR services including; talent acquisition, employee engagement, organization and team effectiveness, performance management and compensation and benefits, in order to contribute to the accomplishment of organization wide business objectives.

  4. Ensure compliance with HR Policies, Pakistani labor laws and International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards at the project in order to fulfil requirements of all the stakeholders for sustainable success of the project.

 Fund and Finance Department

The department is fully responsible for handling transactions, book keeping, financial statements and their analysis, Investment Analysis, tax planning and matters related to various types of insurances etc.

Land Acquisition & Resettlement department

  1. Responsible for end to end land acquisition process  

  2. Liaison with relevant government entities and other stakeholders with regard to land acquisition and resettlement.

  3. Ensure livelihood restoration in an effective and timely manner.

  4. Ensure that PAPs have been compensated before acquisition of their land/structures and any other assets.

  5. Responsible for the implementation of RAP, stakeholder Engagement Plan and Community Investment Program.

  6. Participate in the Grievance Redress Committee meeting as Deputy Chair to ensure resolution of legitimate grievances regarding to land acquisition and resettlement 

 Engineering Management Department

  1. Management and day to day coordination with Employer's Engineer and EC contractor for implementation of construction plans.

  2. Management of Reopener Verifier

  3. Coordination and communication with relevant stakeholders.

  4. Management of EC contract settlement.

  5. Supervise and monitor construction progress and quality control at project site      

Environment, Social and Safety Department

  1. Under the institutional arrangements within the Karot Power Company (Pvt) Limited (KPCL), an Environment Social & Safety Department (ESSD) has been established in line with the policies, plans and procedures described in the CSAIL framework Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS). It includes CSAIL’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policy, EHS objectives, and procedures to manage environmental, health and safety, and social (ESHS) risks at all stages of a project’s life cycle.

  2. KPCL’s ESSD is responsible for compliance monitoring, implementation of Environmental & Social Management Plan (ESMP) in conformance with applicable laws and regulations of the Punjab and AJK Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs), as well as the IFC Performance Standards (PSs) and Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines.

  3. Ensure the application of CSAIL’s ESMS to project activities to meet the requirements of Good International Industry Practice and IFC requirements for environmental, social, health and safety performance in the construction of project.

  4. Oversee implementation of HSE plans and procedures in compliance with IFC’s EHS Guidelines, World Bank Group Environmental, Health & Safety Guidelines and National legislation related to occupational health and safety.

  5. Overall responsible for implementation of stakeholder management plan, livelihood restoration activities, managing community consultations and CSR activities at all level of project in addition assistant in updating of RAP.

Electrical, Mechanical and O & M

  1. Responsible for execution of all the electrical and mechanical work of the project

  2. Ensure that the electrical work done by contractor are in compliance with Pakistan Grid code.

  3. Coordination with off-shore Equipment Supply contractor for procurement of E&M equipment for the project

  4. Coordination with Power Purchaser and Grid operator (CPPA-G/NTDC)

  5. Responsible for approval and timely submission of E&M design and drawings.



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